What is e-Learning?

Simply put, e-learning is information and training accessed by a learner using a computer, a tablet or a smart phone. e-Learning can be used to replace classroom based learning but is also commonly used as a blended learning tool where it is a supplement to existing teaching.

What is e-Learning by e-Development?

We are an e-Learning company based in Wales, specialising in custom-made e-Learning solutions relevant to your content and business requirements.

At e-Development we design and create bespoke online modules and blended learning courses that are an effective and efficient way to present learning material. We work with companies, trainers and consultants to build an online platform tailor-made to your content. The aim is to integrate accurate learning material with interactive and useable technology.

To make sure your e-Learning solution is the best possible fit for your training needs we work very closely with you, the subject matter expert. For us context is king. Getting the right content is important to the final product. We use your content in concise modules to create the best e-Learning tool.

Together we identify what the learner needs to know, what they may know already and then design and develop specific e-Learning courses relevant to the needs of your organisation and staff.

If you are interested in what we do or would like to find out if the work we do is right for you then please contact us.


What is e-Learning by e-Development?

  • Efficient method of training large numbers of staff
  • It can be distributed to staff spread geographically in different locations
  • Cost effective method of training
  • Easy to track and report on the progress of training
  • Courses are tailored to your business and training requirements
  • Learners can complete the modules at time to suit them, leading to less disruption in the work day
  • Use your own training documents to create accurate and concise learning
  • Questioning and testing can be used to monitor learning
  • Modules are interactive and engaging for the learner